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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is distinctive – to provide all the details in brief about the updated news and latest review guides so that the readers and the visitors could decide for their health and wellness. A healthy world stock, we dedicatedly simplify all the collected information from various online platforms. Mostly about the health products we discuss and make it easier for the readers to understand without any issues and share daily updates and new news about the health. From medical journals to events to interviews to podcasts, the healthy world stock is wholly and solely committed to bringing all possible details and evidence of all the health products and recent discoveries to our readers and visitors in a better-simplified format, with maintaining the transparency for better research to end with better choices in attaining a healthy and sound lifestyle.

Our team comprises dedicated people who genuinely think and care to provide sound health naturally to each individual expecting for it, by using their professionalism and all knowledge of the health and wellness world. Our writers follow all the facts that are checked, then rewrite it by advocating in our healthy world stock website, in order to provide all needed information people need regarding the proffered product’ reviews or the news. We prefer to maintain all the balance, accuracy, and neutrality in the wellness industry, and dream up for being the best catalyst for changing one’s health and lifestyles relied on it for a better lifestyle.

Our Statement of Purpose

The existence of the healthy world stock has only purpose to fetch all health information and medical research updates to the industry in needed time in brief and accuracy. This editorial standard is proffered with the purpose to create a set of rules that proves the advanced quality and the objective of integrity in every review and report.

When the issues are not that transparent, the guidance is offered by these standards, despite of strict dos and don’ts which must be closely adhered to. The dilemmas are resolved by the guidelines, by the staff members, as they are responsible for initiating these discussions with their editors.

Ethics Framework

When there is a situation of doubt which could question, compromise the accuracy and integrity of the reporting, the agenda of these editorial policies is to give framework to indentify the circumstances. When a part of content is misconstrued, the writers and the editors are needed to discuss the matter together and find the solution to it. If still no solution is been found, the editor and the consecutive higher manager are needed to decide further.

To decide any solution the editor and the writer are needed to ask the following question to their very self, they are –

  • What information they have and what more they still need to know.
  • What is the intention of the journalistic?
  • Ethically what concern I posses.
  • Are there any professional guidelines and policies to account for?
  • How the opinions, perspectives and ideas of others could be integrated in to the process?
  • Is anyone is affected by their decision and what was the motivations of the affected ones?
  • How will they feel if they are given the stakeholders position?
  • What are the long and short term consequences of their choices?
  • While declining the, what substitute they render that allow them to be honest.
  • Can they justify their thought process and their decisions?

Prior solving every situation, the writer and the editors need to consider these points.

Sourcing and Unnamed Sources Policy

The source of the content is must to be proffered, in each news report and news story. All the writers are obligated to comprise the source of shared data to their articles.

Attributing Information

  • While reporting uncommon knowledgeable data cite any book, database, website, article or any supporting information.
  • Whenever it is possible and required, cite a link a story to its source content.
  • In some cases it is needed to credit the third-party source for the breaking news, from the actual story is originated.

Citing Sources

  • It is needed to describe not so known journal, media outlet or personal reference, by the writers.
  • The personal, professional or business affiliations of the source to the source material should also be included by the writer.
  • Is there any of chance of the conflict of interest, then it should be informed ASAP.
  • A clear indication of the qualification that is held by the source on the applicable subject must be described.
  • For ensuring the authenticity of the writer it is needed to verify reference of the social media.

Using Anonymous Sources

  • It must be discussed between the writer and editor, if there is any doubt on the safety of source to be exposed, so the used sources are needed to be checked thoroughly.
  • If any individual that visits the website for needed information and wish not to be identified, the writer here needed to be more cautious of the motives of visitors. And these cautions must be expressed for the knowledge of the readers.
  • A writer should mention an overall description on the individual as possible, If it is considered appropriate to conceal essential details of the source.

External Reviews of Content

  • The editor can only preview the unpublished content, no one expect the editor can preview.
  • The quotes that are direct can be read back to the sources.
  • A referenced source in the article may review the story and sections that concern the quotes of them.
  • The writer and the editor exclusively decide before any content submission that is for the external review.


  • A writer should consider themselves as a journalist while reporting any story.
  • If there is any conflict of interest between the written story and the writers, then in that condition the information should be open to both reader and the editor, recusing themselve out of the story.

Conflicts of Interest

  • All the conflicts are to be addressed whether it is literal or perceived conflicts of interest.
  • Whenever a family member is used as a source, it is mandatory to disclose it.
  • A writer is deprived of accepting any gifts, as it may raise the scope of being bias.
  • The writer’s accuracy and objective could be questioned on any made donations, so writers cannot make any donations.
  • If there is any queries and doubts then do discuss the matter with an editor.

Verification and Fact-Checking Guidelines

Our team of writers is fully dedicated to providing all honest and accurate information regarding health and wellness awareness and products to the clients and visitors. The editor reviews all the information that is published, to ensure its consistency and accuracy.

Corrections Policy and Practice

It is very difficult to gain a broken trust back, so while concerning any review guide and new stories we specially pay attention to gain the trust of the people with our genuineness. And we healthy world stock, work every bit to satisfy our audience and gain their trust in us. If there are any addressed wrong doings we work on it ASAP to maintain our integrity. Our editors are very handy for the corrections of any statements, you just need to report it to them, as the editors will ensure of its changes and corrections. Without any approval of the editor, the writer should not promise any corrections that are to be implemented or removed from the website of healthy world stock.


  • If there is any factual error in the story, there will be corrections published with it.
  • When there are any online corrections done, the writers alert the team that is appropriate to make changes.
  • When there is a needed correction in a section of an article, the correction is to be made with a statement that should be attached at the end of the webpage to show the edited lines in the original story.
  • The corrected factual details should be a clear and concise description of the corrected mistake that is been done.


  • Generally, the request asking to un-publish an article is not discarded.
  • If there is any suspected inaccuracy in any published article, both the reader and the writer should pay attention to this discrepancy, and then publish needed corrections.
  • Although there are many needed actions to be taken by the editors, no article should be removed ever.

Social Media

  • The writer should consult with the respective editor if any account of the healthy world stock is used to disseminate an emphasis of a story or error in the facts.
  • If there is any offensive post, the editor has the accessibility to take the very post off, and the corrected version with the statement of correction is needed to be posted, as mentioned in the section of “corrections”.

 In-House Editor Standards


  • Any editor or writer that is appointed by the healthy world stock can ask for permission for writing freelance content on hot topics.
  • Without any prior approval from the platform of healthy world stock, all the staff is deprived of working, writing, or consulting for direct competitors.

Social Media

  • The social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms that are carried out and owned by the healthy world stock, represent the reputation and integrity of the company.
  • The personal accounts of the writers of the healthy world stock, in social media, are their responsibility only. The accounts are not the direct mean to interact with the website healthy world stock, but it still represents the reputation and credibility of the team healthy world stock.
  • If the writer and the editors post any post on his/ her social media accounts, should not comprise any information about the healthy world stock company, as it can allow the readers and visitors to question their professionalism and objective with the content published in healthy world stock.com.
  • Any presence of social media must keep the objective approach and should not encourage any conflict of interest with the content of healthy world stock.com.
  • Sensationalism to be avoided.

Embargoed Material

  • The writers should honor the date and time of a press embargo.
  • It is to be discussed with an editor if the writer thinks that the information that is embargoed is reported before in other website platforms.

Contacting the Editorial and News Teams

All the information, reviews, and inquiries are proffered on the website, along with other new stories and feedbacks, are necessary to send to the editor through the information given on the Contact US page of this healthy world stock.com website.

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