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Top 10 Most Popular Trending Diet Programs of 2021


As the last year was totally taken over by Covid-19, all of the fitness goals were difficult to follow, but after all those worse scenarios, finally, it is time to work on self-improvement and self-care. And the most endeavored is weight loss mania, as sitting whole year in a locked room, weight gain was the common issue experienced by many individuals. It is no secret that there are numbers and numbers of weight loss and diet plans and products are available in the market for attaining a better-desired body outlook. As the body type is different from one another and they require different diets and care, so it is essential to pick the right diet for the respective body. Some regimens mostly preferred on the basis of how convenient it is to follow, apply, and what effect it provides.

Most of the consumers of the diet are searching for the most suitable diets that suit their weight loss desires, willingness, and daily routine to get a new desired body keeping all the previous bad habits at bay. However, there are some diets that gained more happy users than any other diet plan of the year. Know about the most hipped diet plans of 2021 that is trending and are searched back to back, according to the Google Search Trends metrics data.

The top ten most trending diet programs of 2021 are listed down with all the brief details it proffers.

The Intermittent Fasting Diet

This intermittent fasting diet is self-descriptive, as it is the work of the dieter to limit the eating times, by maintaining a proper schedule accordingly. The most preferable schedules include 1:1 fasting (eating and fasting in alternative days.) or 5:2 fasting (eating for five days and fasting for the next two days). Other versions have leniency as it does not have such restrictions, it requires few hours of fasting before consuming food on a daily basis, as per the protocol of Lean gains, which restricts the follower an 8 hour of fasting and then eating every eight hours of fasting.

This diet plan advocate claims that this diet is fully efficient in boosting the metabolic rate of the body that helps in weight loss programs, but there are various ways to fast. During fasting, the follower needs to stay hydrated by consuming a lot of water and non-calorie drinks that will curb the hunger and suppress the appetite as well. Is it a must consume healthy diets as junk foods won’t provide any vitamins and nutrients instead it gives adverse effects on the body.

As the eating timings are not prominent, and it varies, so it is way difficult to assume the amount of fat or weight will be lost with this diet, but according to few studies it is been suggested that this diet program helps in losing 10 pounds in the matter of three to six months of time span.

The Dr. Sebi Diet

Dr. Sebi aka Alfredo Bowman, this diet is entirely based on a vegan eating plan that is created by Alfredo Bowman; the self-proclaimed healer and the herbalist believe that it is easy to treat all the bodily issues by consuming a vegan-based diet as they are alkaline in nature.  Dr. Sebi is not a doctor but a pseudonym in itself. It is to be believed by the proponents that this diet program will help the blood get alkaline and hence efflux all the toxins out of the body.

While following Dr. Sebi's diet, the followers can eat the shortlisted approved foods with lots of water intake regularly. Before considering any medications the individuals are asked to consume Dr. Sebi’s supplements. It is deprived to consume seedless fruits, alcohol, wheat products, animal products, canned fruits, and moreover one should avoid the use of microwave while following Dr. Sebi's diet. This diet does not provide the required essential proteins to the body, even though they consume lentils and beans.

The cause of the formation of this diet program is to get rid and cured of health diseases, initially not designed to lose weight. But looking forward to all these restrictions of this diet plant, it is been discovered by a study in New Zealand that this diet plan helps in losing 26.6 pounds in a matter of six months.

The Noom Diet

The Noom Diet is a diet that is been practiced and used by a lot of individuals in the current era, as it includes a health app where the user needs to sign up to get better maintenance tips of sound health for a consistent period of time. This app was discovered by the psychologists, that proffers various numbers of health services to the users, that comprises –

A better customized needed calorie breakdown for a better healthy life.
A text search and barcode scan to access all the doubts and a tracking option for the foods and nutrients to be consumed in a preferable amount.
Logs for weight management, workouts, and blood sugar regulations along with the blood pressure.
All required health plans and doubts to clear.
Better articles, content, and engaging quizzes as well.

According to Noom, this diet plan is designed with the idea of the optimum distraction of the body from the bad habits to the better bodybuilding ones.  This is one of such diet programs that encourage the consumption of real foods that are nutrient-rich, and the app approaches in proffering all the needed dieting goals and different demographic data on the body of the users and the changes that are needed to be taken in order to attain a better health healthy lifestyle.

The Noom app is easy and accessible from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App store with some payable cost price. For a month of weight loss regimen, it costs around $44.99, likewise, the diabetes prevention plan is $89.99. If the customers are satisfied with the appropriate dietary supplements, then they can avail trial sample packs for a better decision.

The 1200 Calories Diet

The 1200 Calorie diet also one of the self-descriptive diet programs. As the title suggests, the followers only can consume 1200 calories a day, it resists the body to consume many calories as compared to the number of calories burnt in a single day, and triggering the unwanted fats of the body to be used for the body’s energy. This diet plan is much efficient for women and old people above the age of 50, those who have a poor lifestyle, but it helps every individual that adopts it.

This diet limits the calorie intake, so the dieter can suppress their hunger by dividing smaller meal plans and reducing bulk eating and normal breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the day. At the time of hunger cravings, one can have high water content foods like fruits, salads, and soups, it will make the dieter feel full and hence the calorie is being minimized.

There are various articles present on the internet that educate people about the number of calories respective foods to have along with the guides to follow the regimen. Most of the doctor suggests not consume calorie less than 120 calories, as it does not allow all the nutrients to be absorbed by the body, that is essential for the body.

Keto Lite Diet

The Keto diet is the short form of the Ketogenic diet, which is a predominantly diet plan with low carbohydrate content like the Atkins diet. This diet plan is all about cutting the carbs from the diet and including more fat content in the foods. This state of low carb induces the process of healthy ketosis in the body.

This ketosis elevates the metabolic process of the body, which massively burns the fats and uses the energy released from it, it happens due to the scarcity of carbohydrates in the body. The consumed fats act as a ketone for the liver, which energizes the brain and helps with the keto flu associated with low-carb diets. Apart from the weight reduction, the keto diet declines the insulin levels in the blood and the blood sugar levels, and overall health benefits as well.

There are some variations in the keto diet, according to the needs of users. For e.g. the standard keto diet must comprise 75% of fat, 20%protein, and 5% carbs. There is targeted keto as well that includes carbs for better exercises., the high protein keto diet that comprises 60% of fats, 35% of protein, and 5% carbs, and the cyclical keto diet that includes two high carbs days.

It is been proved from a number of studies that the keto diet helps in restricting twice and thrice times that of a diabetic or calorie restricted diets.

The GOLO Diet

This GOLO diet is all about the management of the level of insulin in the body for inducing weight reduction. The discoverers of this diet program state that the key reason for the diet-related issues is the body’s resistance to insulin, so it is been featured in the Dr. Oz. And some of the sign also indicates that the insulin level in the body elevates the mass weight in the body and it makes it difficult to get rid of the gained weight. So later a formula called Release is been developed that is advised to consume with each meal of the day.

All diet plans of this GOLO diet is entirely proffered on online sites, allows the followers throughout the 30-day plan that prevents the weight reduction woes. This diet is been formed and developed by various health professionals, that aims in benefiting the users with all weight extirpation regimens and diets, it is been carried out by numerous techniques and series that triggers the metabolism of the body that uses the accumulated fats as energy to fuel the bodily workings. There is no particular counting of the calories, its only aims to control the insulin in the body.

The Immune System Support Diet (“Eating to Combat Covid”)

From regular lifestyles to dietary habits COVID has influenced a lot in every trend. During the stress of Covid outbreaks, the WHO (World Health Organization) has also declared the guidelines for the dietary forum to consume a balanced diet that enhances the immunity of the body that comprised consumption of five servings of veggies and four servings of fruits on a regular basis.
The immune system is boosted by the consumption of super foods that are rich in vitamin C (e.g. broccoli and grapefruits and etc.) and vitamin E (avocados and nuts) and other trending foods that could help fight COVID like green tea, antioxidant foods, garlic, berries and vitamin D (can be extracted from the food or from the sun).
8.      The Plant-Based Flexitarian Diet
Unlike ‘Vegan eating’, the ‘plant powered’ has been in trends as it has gained massive popularity among the public in these recent days, as the majority of the individuals are inclined towards plant-based foods, but unlike the vegan diet, this diet includes chicken chunks, grass-fed, meat balls when needed. As per the fulfilment of the essential protein needs, there is a variety of plant extracted proteins like in the pumpkin, pea, hemp, almonds. Adaptogens that provide benefits to the whole body include turmeric, ashwagandha and reishi mushrooms that also gained popularity as plant-based body beneficiaries.

This diet is also eco-friendly as the animals have much more carbon footprints than the plants. Hence, it is evident that the flexitarians are the main proponents of inducing interests in sustainable or no waste packing.


In the United States, the graph of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is raising gradually. It is noted that a whopping 10-15% of the adults are suffering from the symptoms of IBS, whereas only 5-7% of them are diagnosed. So the individuals that are seeking foe diet plans to their symptoms are enormous, with the public spending a whopping amount of $10 billion on treatments per annum.
To treat IBS there is only one recommended clinical diet; a diet low in fermentable carbs known as the FODMAP diet, which is 2021’s top-picked diet regimen. FODMAP resembles five key banned items of the diet. It comprises the Fermentable Oligosaccharides that are found in legumes and wheat products. Monosaccharides found in honey, figs, and most fructose rich foods, Disaccharides found in foods like yogurt and milk, and Polyols present in lychees and black berries. All these carbs trigger uncomfortable digestive symptoms like bloating and gas, and reduction of all these is the best way to fight IBS without using any drug.
10.  The Volumetrics Diet
This diet program believes in eating more foods with lower calories. It asks to eat too much food to feel full with a lower calorie intake. One can feel full with them like nonstarchy veggies (like kale and carrots) and broths (like water logged chicken broth) as the key food, avoiding the smaller diets and calorific ones. Reduce the intake of high-fat chocolates and oils, forget steaks. Consume more spinach, kale with gallons of water on the go.

Top Trending Diets in 2021: Final Word

Here it is the top ten trending diet programs of 2021, the most searched, popular, and interesting healthy diets of the calendar 2021. If you have tried any of these diet regimens to share your experiences by commenting down. We will be researching more on the upcoming all-new trending diets that could replace any of the top 10 trending diet plans list of this year and beyond that also.

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