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This disclosure is applicable to all the content published on the official website of healthyworldstock, which will be well featured as abcd ahead. Do not miss to have a gland at our vision and mission on the about us page, disclaimer, editorial policy, and also can know about the team we have and how do they work with all transparency.


Affiliate Disclosure

According to the Federal regulations, the Federal Trade Commission asks that any affiliation with an entity, company, or any brand which results in compensation are needed to be disclosed. Abcd will update all the list of affiliates as a new product creator, vendors and etc. are added and vetted, however, we do not have affiliates currently attached to our website.

Avoiding or Removing Affiliate Tracking

All the visitors and clients have the ability to opt out of the tracking, although we are set up to get compensation from the affiliates. If any reader does not want the website to benefit any commission from their bought product, then they need to read the following points:

  • While clicking on the website to visit the vendor, then ignore the provided link and visit through an outside link.
  • There are search engines on the page that to be used to access the products and the brands.
  • Just copy the URL root from our product links and paste it into the browser.
  • Use the settings of your browser to block the cookies from our website.

If by any chance the reader has clicked on the link already, then the compensation could still be avoided by using any one method from the below three ways.

  • Switch off the browsers
  • Switch off the device
  • Clear the cookies by deleting it from used the browser.

Why We Use Affiliate Links in Our Website

In order to make our website and business working, it is needed to make a profit with the help of our affiliate links. And that is the sole purpose of the affiliate links. We do not charge a single penny to our readers and visitors on reading the content of our website. But this phenomenon of marketing strategy helps in funding our initiatives. All the links are marked and labeled in order to carry the credibility of transparency to a higher level of professionalism.

Receiving Products

There are times when we get a free product when we get connected to any affiliate. But it is not mandatory or any guarantee that the companies will be featured or reviewed due to the free gift along with it that allows our entire team to stay transparent and unbiased.

Keep in Touch!

Feel free to be in touch for any feedback, doubts, and concerns related to our preferred “Contact Us” page.

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