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Significance of Yoga – Objective of yoga, unknown facts, and various poses!

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Yoga is the most effective boon to mankind, as it has optimum benefits for the body. Practicing yoga boosts brain health with better peace, calm and clear mind along with better physical health. No one can explain the importance of yoga until he does not experience itself, but the person practicing yoga gets enhanced health. So every individual must follow yoga for better physical and psychic health.

Unknown facts and secrets to know about yoga –

  • Individuals practicing yoga can experience that it is not just an exercise instead it is a way to calm, happy, peaceful, and better life.
  • Regular yoga practice can elevate health. Yoga is easy to do as they are multi-fold and are effective for physical and mental health.
  • Yoga has been practiced since ancient India. Later it became the best gift to mankind. Later the individuals of other countries started practicing it then spread worldwide.
  • Yoga has the ability and divine power that helps reshape the body structure, mental health, and emotional state. So, aware people to do yoga and about the benefits it proffers with regular practice.
  • Yoga relaxes the body and mind that helps the individual to get sound sleep with no issues of insomnia.
  • It helps the individual attain better flexibility and mobility.
  • It helps attain better body posture with a perfect physique. It also helps get rid of pain, stress, stress, sitting postures, insomnia, sleeping positions. It is also to believe that it helps boost the age of the individual.


Different yoga poses proffer different benefits –

Yoga was discovered in ancient times basically from India. The history of yoga is too old. The first book of yoga was written by Patanjali in 147 B.C. (before Christ). You might find it surprised to know that yoga means to join the physical body with the soul.

Basic rules to follow while practicing yoga –

  • Generally, one must practice yoga early in the morning, it would be better to practice after bathing.
  • Performing yoga in an open, clean, peaceful, and airy place would be better as one can get enough air.
  • Yoga can benefit the body with optimum outcomes if it is practiced regularly. It helps with better concentration and a fresh mind.
  • One must keep practicing yoga postures to get a better hold on all the poses.
  • It helps with better elasticity to the body as it opens up the muscles and joints.
  • Any individual at any age can practice yoga with ease.
  • It is beneficial to consult a trained professional and take advice before practicing yoga.
  • One must perform yoga on empty stomach. So make sure not to practice yoga after consuming foods.
  • You can consume food only after it is been two hours post your yoga sessions.
  • A person with health ailments must not do pranayam.
  • Shav asana is to practice after all the yoga asanas.
  • It is to consider that all the asanas benefit if they are followed by shava asana.

Some of the yoga postures –

Shavasana –

It helps relax and calm the brain health of the person.

It treats the issue of hypertension.


  • This posture is also known as the child posture.
  • It helps stretch the spinal cord.
  • It also proffers better stretching of ankles, hips, and thighs.
  • It helps relieve pain in the head and the torso.

Staff pose –

It is beneficial for individuals dealing with the issue of asthma.

It helps tone the spine, chest, legs, and all abdominal organs.

Intensive back stretches –

It helps with better liver health.

It regulates the adrenal glands.

It also is effective for detox the body.

Head on knee posture –

  1. It helps regulate better blood pressure in the body.
  2. It also attributes to attain correct spinal postures.
  3. It helps stretch the hips and spine.

Bound ankle posture –

It treats the issues in the urinary tract.

It reduces the stiffness of the hips.

Tadasana –

This posture is also known as Samasthiti or mountain posture.

It helps boost the alignment of the body with the correction of back posture.

Uttanasana –

It involves an intense forward stretch.

It boosts tone the spleen, kidneys, and abdominal region.

Adho Mukha savasana –

  1. This posture is also known as the downward dog pose.
  2. This posture is effective in decompressing and lengthening the spine.
  3. It also proffers better stretch of the arms.
  4. It proffers blood circulation to the brain that helps the brain flush out all the ailments with ease.

Warrior – 1-

  • This pose of yoga is for the people that do hard work and have a hectic day at work, school, office, or any of the site work that people do. This yoga is an effective pose that works for every individual to relax the body and mind.
  • In this posture, you need to stretch your legs and wide open your shoulders and chest. Mostly you need to relax your body and mind. As most individuals do not move throughout the day, it is necessary to attain a better body posture and calm mental health.
  • This effective pose helps strengthen the stiffened muscles of the knees, thy, and feet.

Warrior-2 Virab – Hadrasana

  • This pose is effective for the chest, arms, legs as it helps strengthen the arms, chest, legs, and shoulders.
  • In this pose of yoga, your breath must be continuous and smooth. It is necessary to have better focus while doing this posture. This pose will help you have patience and control over your emotions.

Trikonasana pose or the triangle pose –

  • This yoga posture proffers lots of benefits to the body with better flexibility.
  • It helps with the alignment of the shoulders and helps the body get rapid relaxation.
  • It reduces the stiffness and pain of
  • This is one of the best postures that will bring your body ample benefits.
  • It helps provide flexibility to the spine and the body too.
  • It is good at helping the body at the alignment of your shoulder. It also relieves the back pain and stiffness of the neck area.


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