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10 Biggest Fitness Trends for 2021 

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It is already a new year that has completed its few months with all hopes and enthusiasm to get the desired body shape in 2021 before it ends. The fitness world is evolving continuously in terms of diet regimens, meal preps, goal setting, and many more. The way it was all influenced and ruined by the COVID last year, it won’t be happing in this year, and hopefully, that is great positive things after all the negativity of the Corona period. To reshape your 2021, here are all the explained fitness trends to consider.

The Future of Fitness

To grow forward one needs to consider the past scenario as well. The previous year was fraught with unavailability and uncertainty that put a dent in the desire of attaining a fit body with sound health. Due to COVID, the gyms were closed and there was a high risk of livelihoods, the maintenance of better health and body were highly affected, but no more.

‘The lockdowns and then the shutdowns and the most challenging scenario to the fitness industry have endured in the year of 2020, have encouraged many technologies for the evolution of fitness world’ the CEO of Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF), Steve Pettit said.  As per the sayings “Necessity is the mother of invention, as the fitness world is evolving, the fitness professionals are adopting new technologies and training models, and considered the agenda fitness provides in the broader health and daily lives.

Pettit observes that it is been difficult for many individuals to carry forward a tough training regime, but it is been changing nowadays. In this era of 2021, the urge towards attaining a perfect body and lifestyle is getting more and more prevalent, which portraits a glimpse of the future fitness world.

As the individuals are trying hard to reset the post COVID scenario to the new one in 2021 keeping the endurance, evolution, and get more acknowledged in this year, the fitness world is developing widely. Independent of the pandemic pans, the fitness world has gone under a drastic change with numerous positive aspects to be considered for attaining the best-fit body as desired.

 2021 Fitness Trends

The top 10 lists of most Trending Fitness Exercises of 2021 are mentioned down, as per the AIF release.

  1. Wearable Technology

It is been quite evident that wearable fitness technologies will be more in trend in the year 2021. There is a number of fitness trackers that have already taken over the lives of health addicts that use these trackers that read all their health insights in detail with calorie and step counts.

These wearable technologies are quite hipped these days and in a short time period. From young ones to the old grannies everyone is using these wearable devices that monitor heart rate, sleep, steps, and many more. Wearable trackers have various novelty elements are it is been useful to track one’s fitness, health, and wellness in order to attain a perfect body outlook.

In the Australian market of fitness, Garmin and Apple wearable devices will flourish all over the country in 2021. It is going to help the individual looking forward to fitness regimens, plans, training, and recoveries.

  1. Exercise is Medicine

In this current year, it is estimated that fitness exercises will be considered as the new medicine. On the contrary of the 2020 lockdown, Aussies acknowledged the effectiveness of getting both mentally and physically active. This fitness trend might get more expanded in the coming period of time.

“last year it was a year full of stress as the people were bound to stay locked in their homes in isolation like never before. Citizens interacted less with one another which resulted in getting compounded with much stress across the board. This challenging condition affected individuals with both mental and physical wellbeing. And it is well known that poor physical health and fitness raise the risk of chronic diseases and mental disorders, says Pettit.

It is the most needed work to be carried out for the recovery and for that it is essential to have combined proactive and referral work of the healthcare suppliers, medical experts and fitness professionals.

3.    Mind and Body Training

The gap between physical and mental health may get minimized as Aussies have gained many health benefits of holistic training with accuracy.

The fitness trend for breathing work, pilates, mindfulness, yoga, mental health training, and meditation have intensified in the period of the pandemic, with more indulgence of people for their relaxation of physical fitness and relaxing mind. In the coming future the physical and psychological health are going to be in popularity in 2021, says AIF’s training head Kate Kraschnefski.

4.    Virtual Fitness

COVID influenced virtual fitness in a huge turnaround. For the very first time, the health professionals were hosting personal training sessions and Zoom sessions for daily video chat workouts. Getting back to the normal face-to-face interactions will take a lot of steady approaches, but sill the virtual fitness training will remain the major component of the 2021 health industry.

In this era, Virtual fitness is been emerging rapidly as per 2020 was massively affected by the Coronavirus. So the demand for such exercises has gone high and most fitness enthusiasts are adopting the home to train at home. The virtual fitness mania is the new normal and is been appreciated by the users, as many health professionals are offering various health maintenance plans, says Kraschnefski.

This year the COVID scenes are quite better than the last year, but it is still bothering, and hence, the virtual fitness options are widening with numerous options. Along with it, virtual technologies are disrupting the market with high demand like in mobile apps, libraries of workout plans online and virtual PT training will also help broaden our horizon massively.

The most-watched players to watch in 2021, according to Kraschnefski will be;

  • Lululemon’s mirror hardware
  • LES MILLS on-demand home workouts
  • Peloton’s on-demand and live workout sessions
  • AIF graduate Kyla Itsines’ SWEAT app


5. High-Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been the most popular fitness space in past years, and it is hoped that it will trend in 2021 at the same intensity. As this HIIT is propelled by the flexibility it offers and the services along with its training, it is believed that it will get popularity this year as well, says Brodie Hicks, master coach of AIF. This training of HIIT elevates rapid and effective weight loss and provides lean body mass, which is the desire of most health enthusiasts. Moreover, it can be carried forward in the gym or home, with equipment or without it. All these amazing and reliable factors help the HIIT’S plan to be accessed easily and so the people are getting hugely attracted to it.

6.      Functional Fitness Training

Along with the HIIT, functional fitness is also hoped to gain popularity in 2021. The inclement of the body workouts and fitness exercises that benefit daily health maintenance has proven to be most demandable with Aussie follower’s fans. Full-body exercises are going to be much popular rather than gym practices and traditional fitness training.

7.     Health and Wellness Coaching

As we consider the outer world, the encouragement and motivations are quite low. The survey made by the AIF revealed that the Aussies most probably will shift to wellness and health trainers as a medium of navigating challenging conditions.

8.     Personal Training

Personal training whether it is virtual or face o face one will always be hipped and on-demand in the fitness world. Personal trainers, the only mainstay fitness trend will be the most famous one in 2021, and we are glad to them for introducing new protocols to training and evolving.

9.     Group Training

To get back on your fitness track after a huge gap, group training is the best option to get accessed to a well-qualified trainer and coach with a better value of money. As the lockdown has been lifted up, now it is the time for group training and so the new members are going to sign up, for better health aspects and social interactions along with it.

10.   Outdoor Activities

After the COVID mania, people are thriving for the outdoor exercises, to do the group training sessions. Now is the time to get amped up and make more of the environment around you and get motivated to keep the zest on for attaining the best health by interacting and absorbing the benefits of the outer world.


top 10 fitness tips

Whether the effects of the corona are extinct or still there, nothing will ever come in the journey of wellness, as there mentioned top 10 fitness workout programs that are viable options to kick start to get the health and fitness on track, for next year or decade. The workout plans are getting more hipped, from wearable fitness technologies, yoga, foam rolling, elderly-designed workouts, bodyweight training, HIIT, personal pieces of training, group training, and many more. Do mention all your reviews and comments is you have tried or tested any of the above-mentioned workout plans or fitness health trends of 2021.

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